Practicum Report Assignment Help

Practicum Report Assignment Help

UWA website has detailed information on how a professional practicum report should be written. provides practicum report assignment help as part of engineering homework help services. The Professional Engineering Practicum is a key component in a portfolio of professional development activities. In a practicum report, the student describes his/her experiences while working within a particular industry. The report includes a brief description of the organization’s core business and engineering activities, the work undertaken by the student for the organization and reflections on the experiences gained by the student during the period. The reflection should answer whether the experience helped the student to appreciate what is taught in the engineering program, why it is taught and how it is taught. The student also prepares a weekly log detailing what he/she did on a daily basis and what was learnt from each activity. The log outlines specific elements of engineering practice which the student was exposed to e.g. client consultations; design processes; modeling and simulation; project management; networking; plant testing and commissioning etc.

Practicum Assignment Help Procedure

For us to produce an excellent practicum report, we also need you to provide detailed information about your industrial experience. Industrial attachment is meant to be a real eye opener in terms of what to expect when you get employed and also what others will expect of you. You should be able to acquire a wide array of skills and knowledge for example engineering maintenance practices, safety practices at the workplace and environmental
protection, teamwork and also enhance your communication skills. It also exposes you to engineering equipment from different disciplines of engineering. All the knowledge and skills acquired during attachment period will make you not only a better engineer but also a better person.

Keep a Journal of Your Practicum Experiences

We recommend that students on industrial attachment should keep a journal of their practicum experiences which we can then refer to when providing you with practicum report assignment help. Students should note down any information that will help them with the required content of the report. Some of the important information includes the respective dates, duties and responsibilities of the people that you deal with, your personal observations of the work place, your specific role in every activity that you were involved in, and any lessons learned. If the management allows, it is advisable to maintain a photographic record of the work site as well as the equipment that you used or saw.

Note: Industrial attachment will help you build professional networks. During the practicum period, you will interact with engineers and other managerial personnel who can easily lead to career opportunities. Use the practicum period to form strong and wide professional networks. You can then rely on these individuals for career advice, job leads, as well as technical assistance. Order your report now.
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