Mechanical Engineering Thesis

Mechanical Engineering Thesis


A mechanical engineering thesis involves researching, studying, and understanding the fundamentals of mechanical engineering. Basically, Mechanical engineering is the application of physics, material science, and engineering concepts to create, manufacture, analyze, and maintain mechanical structures. This branch of engineering comprises of operation, design, and production of machinery. Mechanical​​ project​​ ideas​​ are some of the expansive and oldest engineering practices.​​ 

The basics of mechanical engineering thesis


For students to excel in the mechanical engineering thesis topics, they need to understand the foundation areas which include:


  • Dynamics

  • Materials of science

  • Thermodynamics

  • Mechanics

  • Electricity

  • Structural analysis


Some of the tools that mechanical engineering students utilize in their studies include product life cycle management; this tool comes in handy during creation and analyzing of manufacturing plants. Other tools include: computer aided design, transport systems, robotics, watercraft, medical devices, heating and cooling systems, industrial equipment and machinery, and weapons.​​ The mechanical engineering field has been in existence for many years. This is despite the fact that its emergence is believed to have happened during the 18th​​ century. It was not until the 19th​​ century that mechanical engineering science came​​ to be as a result of evolution​​ in physics. The current technological evolutions have contributed to numerous developments in this field. Mechanical engineering project ideas have diversified with engineers following developments in various areas such as mechatronics, composites, and nanotechnology.


Mechanical engineering​​ projects​​ are​​ related to the following fields: civil engineering, chemical engineering, industrial engineering, electrical engineering, and manufacturing engineering. Qualified mechanical engineers can be conversant with the biomechanics, biomechatronics, biomedical engineering, and transport phenomena. ​​ 

How to identify the ideal mechanical engineering thesis title


Many students dread choosing a thesis title. Coming up with the perfect title does not have to be such a difficult task. Students should however, view this as an opportunity to showcase their expertise in the field. Besides, taking time to choose thesis topics can direct students to research on mechanical engineering thesis projects which can prepare them for their future aspirations. Students may want to choose a mechanical engineering thesis proposal that is relevant to both current and prospective demands.​​ 


An ideal mechanical engineering final year project should be a concrete idea that requires verification, development, and refutation. Students should strive to identify topics that they not only find interesting, but can be beneficial to both their communities and advisors. This is important as it keeps them motivated and helps them have a concrete understanding of how to sell their ideas. Mechanical engineering thesis topics undergraduate should strive to provide solutions to real problems. They should be comprised of practical results and concrete theoretical work. It should be extensively researched and should have a relevant topic.​​ 


Mechanical engineering project ideas are broad. When choosing a mechanical engineering thesis topic, ensure the topic is properly defined and can be expounded from different perspectives. Choosing a commonly used topic can prove to be difficult. Additionally marketing such a topic can prove to be difficult. Students should strive to choose topics which are capable of stirring their interest and that of the reader. Defending a thesis is a procedure that comes after writing it. Therefore, students should ensure their projects are manageable and broad enough to​​ cater for​​ conclusive researching.​​ 

What are some of the mechanical engineering thesis project ideas?


Where can students derive the best mechanical engineering final year project ideas? Mechanical engineering is a broad subject made up of different projects. These include:​​ 


  • Automation and mechatronics based projects

  • Robotics

  • Automobile based projects

  • Solar system and sms based projects

  • Fabrication projects


Mechanical engineering final year project ideas for automation and mechatronic based projects include:


  • Automatic rotating table with sequence operating machine

  • Remote controlled Vacuum Cleaning Robot

  • Automatic railway track crack detecting Vehicle

  • SMS based Bomb detecting robot

  • Fabrication of Automatic Vehicle Over speed controlling system for School Zone

  • Railways accident Avoiding System (Level crossing and Fire Alarm)


Mechanical engineering thesis project ideas on fabrication include:


  • Fabrication of automatic typical pipe cutting machine

  • Fabrication of hydraulic pallet truck

  • Digital locking system for material handling vehicle

  • Automatic paint spraying pick and place equipment

  • Electronic assisted hydraulic braking system

  • Compressed air production using vehicle suspensor


Mechanical engineering project ideas on robotics include:


  • Liquid dispenser machine (with air control system)

  • Paddle controlled door opening system

  • Automatic mopping machine

  • Ac coil cleaning system

  • Magnetic levitation platform

  • Analysis of rectangular /triangular fins in heat exchange mechanism


Mechanical engineering project ideas for automobile based projects are:


  • Automatic break failure indicator and engine over heating alarm

  • Fabrication of electro-magnetic braking system for automobile

  • Fabrication of gear level indicator for automobile

  • Remote controlled pick and place video analyzing robot

  • Electro-hydraulic system for automation in four wheeler

  • Intelligent way searching pick and place robot


What are the most relevant mechanical engineering topics?


Safety and security in automobile

Head and neck support

Fractal robots

Green engine

Oxyacetylene/gas welding


Humanoid robot

Air car

Air bearing

Wear debris analysis

Vacuum braking system

Observer based sensorless control

Electric bicycle

Virtual manufacturing

Noise reduction method on motorcycles

Brake booster

Anti-lock braking system

Maglev levitation trains


CRDi system

Neurotic robot

Aerodynamics in cars

Active magnetic bearing

Air craft hydraulic system


Why should students consider studying mechanical engineering?

  • Mechanical engineers have better career prospects

With thousands of students graduating today, mechanical engineers are particularly better placed in the job market. Many of the mechanical gadgets used today are the fundamental application of both physics and maths laws, something that mechanical engineers have concrete qualifications and training in. According to this​​ table, a good percentage of mechanical engineering students were able to secure employment within six months of graduating.

  • Mechanical engineers receive attractive starting remuneration

The fact that employers highly value mechanical engineers is shown in the high​​ salaries​​ they earn. Individuals in this profession are some of the well paid.

  • Mechanical engineers can find international jobs

Mechanical engineering is a globally recognized profession. This is evident from the universal mechanical engineering courses covered by students worldwide.

  • Future innovations

Mechanical engineers play a vital role in researching and evolving new technologies which are widely used in the healthcare, transport, robotics, and construction industries.​​ 

  • Mechanical engineers possess multiple skills

Mechanical engineering covers a wide array of fields. Mechanical engineers are conversant with electricity, mathematics, structures, physics, and computer applications. A qualified mechanical engineer should have knowledge on economic, social, and environmental factors. Students are likely to unearth numerous skills in the process of studying mechanical engineering.

  • There are numerous mechanical engineering courses to choose from

The best mechanical engineering​​ universities​​ offer hundreds of courses to choose from. With such a wide variety, students are assured of finding various topics that meet their expectations.​​ 

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What are the qualities of a mechanical engineer?

  • They should be educated

Individuals looking to work in the mechanical engineering field should at least possess a bachelor’s degree. Some companies,​​ however, choose students with Masters Degrees. There are some well established companies which prefer hiring part-time technicians or interns as they complete their education. This is​​ advantageous on the​​ employee’s part​​ as they gain experience while increasing their employment potential. In addition, they get a chance to inject fresh knowledge and skills to the company. Different companies have different working principles. Many of them prefer training their employees according to their needs. Mechanical engineers can choose to major their studies in the following options.​​ 

Having additional skills can be an added advantage especially to individuals working in the biotech or medical fields which happen to be quite regulated.

  • Creative

Extensive innovation is involved in the engineering industry. Mechanical engineers contribute highly to development of new products to improve people lives. In this case being creative forms an integral requirement for every mechanical engineer. They should be able to apply creativity in order to produce good quality and efficient products which are capable of meeting client cost targets, weight and space restrictions. The development procedure requires critical thinking of ideas and trying them out through trial and error methods.

  • Posses various skills

Mechanical engineers can possess different skills to enable them to critically analyze technical components and think critically in order to come up with conclusive solutions. The following skills can be an added advantage

  • Financial analysis

These skills come in handy during evaluation of material creation and cost in the company.

  • Software​​ 

Mechanical engineers should be in a position to utilize the provided software to develop a workable framework.

  • Communication

Mechanical engineers should possess excellent communication skills. This enables them to adequately interact with their seniors, juniors, stakeholders, and clients. Engineers should be in a position to listen keenly and understand customer requirements. Only then are they able to efficiently work on projects while paying special attention to communicate the progress, give accurate information, and keep the entire stakeholders updated on any matters arising.

  • Develop designs

The work of mechanical engineers involves creating designs complete with the correct specifications and measurements.​​ 

  • Conversant with computer programs

They should at least have an understanding of basic Microsoft office applications. Some companies though may use other advanced applications.

  • Close attention to detail

It is important to have a keen eye for detail. This helps prevent errors​​ and budgets going​​ over board during development of prototypes

  • Able to work under pressure

There are strict deadlines to meet in the mechanical engineering field. Engineers should, therefore be prepared to handle this pressure with composure to avoid unnecessary errors.



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