Electrical Engineering Thesis

Electric Engineering Thesis



Before finishing a Master’s degree, electrical engineering students are required to submit an Electrical engineering thesis project that comprises of extensive research done on one or several topics for acknowledgement and grading. An electrical engineering thesis is not a very easy task to do for majority of the students. ​​ Electrical engineering discipline requires a lot of focus, commitment, a lot of documentation, lots of reading, comprehension, discipline and most of all a great attitude. Students doing thesis in electrical and electronic engineering need to be more disciplined and more committed in their fields of study because they require a lot of concentration as simple mistakes can lead to adverse effects on their projects. Electrical and electronics thesis topics are hard to cover and need a lot of research work. At topengineeringsolutions.com, we know how hard electrical engineering thesis can get and we have a team of qualified experts to make it easier or every single student-undertaking thesis.

Electrical engineering is one of the major disciplines in the study of engineering and dates back to the 19th​​ century. Electrical engineering and electronics engineering are very important fields of engineering in the world today as they play major roles in the backbone of every country’s economic growth. This branch of engineering involves working on a wide range of components rom tiny microchips to large components like power stations.

To become a successful electrical engineer, you should have the ability to make use of the knowledge you got from your studies and turn this knowledge into practical solutions to cover every aspect of electrical engineering. The knowledge you acquire should help you to design, develop and solve all electrical problems. Engineering is an infinite science and there is always something new coming up. We at topengineeringsolutions.com are part of what makes you one of the best electrical and electronics engineers of the future. We help you with all your engineering thesis papers, and dissertations and make sure the grades you get make you one of the top students.​​ 

We cover a wide range of electrical engineering thesis topics and electrical engineering projects. Majority of electrical engineers undertaking their electrical engineering thesis use some of the following common electrical thesis topics and ideas for their thesis projects.
Electromagnetics and remote sensing involving

  • The computational, theoretical and experimental techniques used

  • Methods for remote sensing of earth​​ 

  • Different electromagnetic methods

  • Circuits modelling

High-speed devices

  • Waves in rough surfaces and random media

  • Advanced algorithms for processing of radar signal

RF circuit and antenna design​​ 

Integrated systems and circuits


  • Applied nanotechnology

  • Nano electronics,​​ 

  • Microelectronics,​​ 

  • Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS),​​ 

  • Portable surface Plasmon resonance (SPR),​​ 

  • Chemical sensing system etc​​ 

Energy and power

  • Critical technologies related to power electronics

  • Power systems​​ 

  • Electric drives​​ 

  • Signal processing​​ 

  • Sensors​​ 

  • Computer science,

  • Economics etc


  • Systems and controls​​ 

  • Theoretical and experimental issues in designing,​​ 

  • Controlling and optimizing biologically-based robotics,​​ 

  • Autonomous mobile robotics​​ 

  • Surgical robot technology among others

Signal Processing​​ 

  • Human-computer interaction to processing of medical signal information

  • Data compression

  • Pattern recognition,

  • Time-frequency analysis​​ 

Other electrical engineering thesis proposal topics and electronics project ideas are:

  • Using technology to improve the transmission of electricity efficiently

  • How to enhance efficiency in electrical devices

  • Electric band and the Structure of semi-conductors

  • Circuit breaker maintenance​​ 

  • Heliodisplay

  • Illumination with solid-state lighting

  • Low-k dielectrics

  • Mesh radio

  • Large-scale power generation using fuel cell hy-wire

  • 10. Electro dynamic tether

  • Eddy current brakes

  • Unmanned aerial vehicles​​ 

  • Protecting induction motor rom phase and temperature

  • Generating DC high voltage using Marx generator

  • Footstep power generating generation system

  • Using down counter to test the life cycle of electrical loads

  • Game project vast voting

  • Controller devices o the electronic water level

  • Locking system of the E bicycle

  • Alarm automatic smoke detection

  • Blinking emergency light synchronously

  • Sound operated time projects

  • Making o smart burglar alarms

  • Monitoring systems o plant moisture

  • Monitoring and controlling voice quality in internet communication

  • Wireless mobile charging projects

  • Over voltage/under voltage load protection

  • 6 Volt DC to 10 Volt DC converter

  • Intelligent management of electrical systems in Industries

  • Design of development of micro sensors to measure the intensity of light

  • Research and computational simulation of a natural or factory bio sensor

  • Development of sensors to measure heat generated from solar panels

The above are some of the topics topengineersolutions.com covers as top electrical thesis projects. We are not limited to only the above topics. There are 100’s of thesis topics and projects that we will do for you.


Use of design software packages

Every engineering course requires design software packages to make research work easier and to keep up with the current development. Software packages make the creation of blueprints, schematics, systems, machines and equipment work more efficiently and reliably. We at topengineeringsolutions.com use top design software packages to make all this possible. We recognize all the challenges and demands that electrical engineers go through while they are writing their assignments and​​ we work with several​​ software packages to make work easier.

Format of an Electrical Engineering Thesis

Since engineering is mostly a technical course, its style of formatting differs from other thesis projects. Though most universities specify their own methods of formatting the thesis projects, there is a certain format mostly allowed in every institution. The leading assignment help in engineering assignments and other technical assignments, topengineeringsolutions.com, suggests the best electrical engineering thesis here below:

  • Introduction part

  • Make an introduction of your thesis and explain briefly but very clearly, why it is worth pursuing.

  • Make a clear statement here at the introduction part explaining what you wish to prove with your​​ thesis or make a claim to your project.

  • The most important part of the thesis - is the main body

  • The main body should have all the chapters with the contents

  • All the figures and charts clearly labelled and explained

  • All the accompanying tables, well numbered and labelled

  • Clear and large pictures that are self-explanatory

  • Conclusion

  • The conclusion should have the same content ​​ as the thesis statement

  • References

  • Note down all the citations you used for your thesis

  • Finish off with a bibliography​​ 


It is very important to pay attention to the fonts, paragraphs, page numberings, spaces, headers and footers, margins and everything else as is required by your university or institution.​​ 

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Electric engineering is a very prestigious career. It pays very well and there is a lot to learn daily. Electrical engineers have the option of working either in the government or in private organizations. Because of their vast knowledge, they have the option too of opening up their own consultancy firms and their own electrical businesses.

Whatever the case, be assured with a good electrical engineering background, you will go places.

We at topengineeringsolutions.com are proud to be part of your success.​​ 

If you have any problems with your thesis work, reach out to us and we will help you. Our objective is to make you pass with high grades and graduate as a high ranked electrical engineer.​​