Calculus homework help

Calculus homework help

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Did you know that Isaac Newton invented Calculus in the 17th​​ century? Structural and Civil engineers combine Calculus formulae and hydrolysis principles when designing drainage systems. Mechanical engineers use Calculus when designing water pump systems. Calculus is obviously a tough course hence many engineering students from renowned New Zealand universities such as​​ the University of Canterbury​​ and​​ The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand​​ seeks calculus homework help online from TopEngineeringSolutions.

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TopEngineeringSolutions’ list of Calculus homework help topics

Apart from offering help with calculus on notoriously technical topics such as Algebra and Matrices, TopEngineeringSolutions provides fast and brilliant help in Calculus topics such as;

  • Differential equations

A differential equation has more than one derivative of a specific variable. Engineers use differential equations to study the dynamic relationship between a constantly changing quantity and the rate of change. Engineers calculate and predict changes of atmospheric pressure by using differential equations to determine the rate of change. Software developers use differential equations when creating animated characters for video games.

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  • Vector functions

A vector is any object that contains direction and magnitude. Vectors are usually represented using arrows labeled with alphabet letters. Vector functions involve more two or more variables involving multi-dimensional vectors. In order to understand vector algebra, one needs to remember previous principles taught way back in high school math. This is the main reason why engineering students find Vector functions to be quite demanding.

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  • Multiple integrals

Mechanical engineers use multiple integral equations when designing dimensions of machinery parts. Civil engineers design large water storage volume facilities using multiple integrals to calculate volume and surface area. Multiple integral equations require proficiency in solving complex differential equations. Engineers calculate the volumes of objects and materials using multiple integrals equations.

Class assignments and homework constitute 60-70 percent of a student's aggregate grade for any semester. TopEngineeringSolutions enables students struggling with this topic to achieve impressive grades that ensure they don't retake Multiple Integrals due to scoring Fs. TopEngineeringSolutions’ also provides custom help with calculus mid and end-of-semester class projects.​​ 

  • Vector calculus

Vector calculus is used in the differentiation of vector fields. Computer-aided-engineering software uses vector calculus to enable engineers design three-dimensional models. In the automobile industry, mechanical engineers determine the center of gravity of motor vehicles by using vector calculus. Structural engineers use vector calculus to guide them in assessing the entire cost of a construction project.

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  • Integration

When working with two or more variables, engineers use integrals to represent specific areas on a graph. Integration is used to specify areas above or below graphs in a Cartesian plane. Integration equations are used in determining the probabilities of random variables. Students usually find integration assignments to be tough due to working with simultaneous equations and multiple variables.

In professional engineering, integration is used in determining the center of gravity for curved objects. This enables structural engineers in designing stable buildings that can withstand minor tremors and stress. TopEngineeringSolutions provides integration calculus homework help in integration techniques and assignments on distance, volume, and, velocity.

  • Exponential series

An exponential series is used to predict the rate of changes in forms of a specific equation. In Calculus, exponential series enable engineers to predict the changes of a variable over time. Nuclear engineers determine the half-life of various radioactive elements using exponential series to determine the rates of change based on a time intervals.

In the public sector, economists use exponential series to predict population growth rates for cities and towns. This population data guides civil engineers in designing sustainable public infrastructure systems for the targeted residents. TopEngineeringSolutions provides reliable calculus homework help to final- year students who need to allocate time to go out and search for internship opportunities.

  • Parametric equations

A parametric equation is unique because variables are expressed with respect to another variable. Parameters are used in categorizing independent variables in an equation. Engineers use parametric equations to draw curves in a Cartesian plane. Parametric equations enable both civil and mechanical engineering students to become better at designing 3-D designs using a Computer-Aided-Design software.

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  • Systems of linear equations

Linear equations are used to explain the relationships between two variables. Engineers use systems of linear equations in determining how a price change in a certain material affects price changes in similar materials listed in their BOMs. Systems of linear equations are commonly referred to as simultaneous equations.


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