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Understanding the operations of Malaysia's institutions of higher education

Malaysia is fast gaining popularity as a preferred study destination for​​ engineering​​ students.​​ This has necessitated the Malaysian government to lay down strategies to​​ transform the country into a​​ haven for education for students all over the world. The ministry of higher education in Malaysia is responsible for monitoring each institution to ensure they comply with the laid down education standards. This has seen an influx of many international Universities collaborate with Malaysian institutions of higher learning. Some international universities have also opened branches of their campuses in the country. Students now have endless university options to choose from.​​ 

Apart from the Malaysian government, Malaysian qualifications agency oversees every field of the education sector. The MQA is an accrediting and quality assurance body tasked with assuring quality to both private and public institutions of higher learning in Malaysia. MQA plays a major role​​ in​​ making sure that students are provided with​​ the​​ essential qualifications and skills they require for future career aspirations.​​ 



MQF (Malaysian Qualifications Framework) is Malaysia's​​ assurance​​ of the quality and qualifications affiliated to the country's education system. MQF helps develop and categorize qualifications according to the laid down criteria. These​​ are nationally approved and used as a reference across international practices. MQF also analyzes academic levels acquired, the credit system and study areas covered in relation to student's academic load. These principles are applicable and acceptable for every qualification presented by accredited higher education​​ institutions in Malaysia. MQF helps coordinate and network national qualifications. MQF comprises of eight qualification levels ranging from doctoral to certificates in three governmental sectors, technical and vocational skills, and higher education. MQF has been in the industry for more than 30 years. During this time, this body has been able to gain extensive experience in global education. MQF so far caters for more than 2% of the global student population worldwide. Statistics indicate that MQF accounts for more than 100,000 global students. These numbers are set to rise exponentially in the​​ near​​ future.​​ 

What does MQF offer?

  • External degree programs specially designed to cater for varying academic requirements and budgets.

  • Students can choose from a vast range of engineering courses

  • A wide variety of public and private institutions of higher learning and international universities whose branch campuses have set base in Malaysia

  • Distinguished globally recognized qualifications

What do students​​ who opt to study in Malaysia stand to gain?

Students who want to excel in their studies and get good grades must exercise care while choosing their study destinations. Additionally, getting an assignment helper Malaysia can help them post better grades. Choosing Malaysia as a preferred study destination enables students to earn internationally recognized degrees at very reasonable prices. How then can students enjoy these benefits? Students can earn a globally recognized Bachelor's or post graduate degree by studying in any private Malaysian university or​​ an ideal international university campus branch in the country.​​ The​​ students can access these​​ at a reasonable cost. The degree will then be offered by the parent University after completion of studies. Finally, they can opt to study in private colleges under slit degree programs.

How convenient is it for engineering students to study engineering?

Currently, Malaysia plays host to various Universities which have been ranked in QS. Engineering remains one of the easiest courses to pursue in Malaysia considering the fact that various engineering branches such as electrical and chemical engineering is featured in the QS category. Due to the ease of accessing engineering courses in Malaysia, the number of international students seeking higher education here is growing exponentially. Institutions of higher learning in Malaysia are credited with offering top quality education. In addition, the cost of living and tuition fees is quite reasonable.​​ 

What students should know about pursuing higher education in Malaysia

Higher education institutions in Malaysia are regulated by the Ministry of Higher Education. The Malaysian government has shown its devotion towards education by allocating a high development budget to the sector. Institutions of higher learning in Malaysia are regulated​​ according to the following acts:

  • University Colleges and Universities Act of 1996 which was amended in 2009

This act strives to combine the administration and regulation of public Universities. This gives universities more financial and administrative freedom to plan the necessary programs for academic greatness.​​ 

  • Private Higher Educational Institutions Act, 1996 which was amended in 2009

This Act governs the formulation and activities of private institutions of higher education. It also formulates provision of university colleges, private universities, campus branches of foreign universities and the improvement of existing universities and private colleges. This act also enables progression of higher education in Malaysia in order to meet the rising demand for​​ well-educated workforce and tertiary education.​​ 

  • Education Act of 1996 Act 550

Pre-tertiary levels of education are covered by this act. This is executed under national education system which is comprised of post-secondary, preschool, secondary, and primary education. Some of the provisions of this act apply to the higher education ministry in the formation of community colleges and polytechnics.​​ 

  • Malaysian Qualifications Agency Act 2007 which replaced the National Accreditation Board Act of 1996

This act reiterates the enforcement of the Malaysian Qualifications Agency as a nationwide quality assurance agency to operate the (MQF) Malaysian Qualifications Framework and​​ control the standard and quality of public and private institutions of higher education.​​ 

  • National Higher Education Fund Corporation Act of 1997 which was amended in 2000

The objective of this act is to organize a fund that can provide students with financial help by giving study loans in Malaysian institutions of higher learning. This act provides for the creation of a savings plan to instill a savings culture in​​ young​​ children. The intention of the savings plan is to enable children to fund their impending higher education.

  • National Council of Higher Education Act of 1996

A national body was formed under this act. Its objective was to coordinate and define procedures for expansion and development of tertiary education in Malaysia.​​ 

Acts that are currently under review include the Private Higher Educational Institutions Act and the Universities Colleges and Universities act.​​ 

Every institution of higher learning in Malaysia is supervised by one of these legislations. However, this depends on whether they are privately or publicly owned. The legislation has made way for huge improvement in the higher education system of Malaysia. Some of them include:​​ 

  • Provision for the creation of privately owned universities and organized development of tertiary level private education

  • Provision for a jail term or fines on individuals who flout law provisions

  • Provision for the establishment of a quality assurance body by the government to apply the MQF as a foundation for quality assurance in higher education, and as reference approval for national eligibility

  • The allocation for more financial and administrative freedom of public universities

  • The creation of student loans to enable numerous students to access higher education

The ministry of higher learning in Malaysia is geared towards globalizing the sector. Efforts to enhance Malaysian Universities global ranking are currently underway. The ministry seeks to have more Malaysian representation in foreign universities, increase the number of students seeking higher education in the country, and work together with global universities on academic and research issues. The government is committed to providing a conducive environment as well as welcoming more globally recognized universities to set up branch campuses in the country. The higher education institutions agency has gone a step further in setting up Malaysian university campuses in various countries. This is set to enhance collaboration of education with international higher learning institutions. Efforts have been made to popularize the higher education sector in Malaysia worldwide via advertisements and road shows.​​ 

Which higher education rating systems does Malaysia have?


Rating Systems for Higher Education in Malaysia is the first rating system that was enforced in 2009. The objective of this system was to rate the performance of undergraduate learning and​​ teaching in colleges and Universities in Malaysia. A six tier classification was used in this system where 6 represented outstanding while 1 represented weak.​​ 

  • My QUEST

Malaysian Quality Evaluation System for Private Colleges was implemented in 2011. Its objective was to analyze Malaysian private colleges to ascertain the quality of governance, students, graduates, programs, and resources. MyQUEST used excellent, good, and weak options to rate institutions. Additionally, institutions were rated according to their achievement level ranging from 6 to represent excellent and 1 to represent poor.​​ 

Students can utilize these references as dependable​​ guidance​​ during institution and program selection.

Malaysian ministry of higher education was established in 2004 to enhance the expansion and development of the higher education industry. MOHE's vision corresponds with that of the government which strives​​ to make Malaysia a hub for educational supremacy and globalization of Malaysian education.​​ 

What is the Malaysian Ministry of higher education's mission

MOHE seeks to build and develop a conducive environment for education, development of institutional and academic prosperity, and produce inventive, competent, and aristocratic graduates who are passionate about serving both globally and nationwide. Such students are the product of hard work in their studies. Thankfully there are many assignments help Malaysia institutions which can assist students to enhance their study skills.​​ 

What are the functions of the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education?

  • MOHE defines the direction and procedures of the higher education industry. This helps develop an exceptional nation complete with the fullness of civilization, knowledge,​​ and culture.

  • MOHE tackles current global economic challenges to provide concrete solutions to the government as it strives to enhance human morals and knowledge.​​ 

  • MOHE accelerates development in the higher education industry in the quest for global competition.

The Malaysian ministry of higher education bases its attention on the following points

  • To improve higher education quality to international standards

  • To broaden participation, capacity, and accessibility of higher education

  • To globalize Malaysian higher education

  • To develop a critical and efficient higher education plan

  • To strengthen the higher education management system

The Malaysian ministry of higher education consists of various departments and sectors as shown below

  • Department of community college education

  • Development sector

  • Management sector

  • Department of polytechnic education

  • Department of higher education

Department of higher education

This department is also known as Jabatan Pengajian Tinggi. It was reorganized and inaugurated in 2004 following the launch of the MOHE. Various administrative units, divisions, and sectors support this department which has been tasked with developing private and public education in Malaysia. Department of higher education regulates colleges and universities to ensure that they meet international standards. In addition, the department takes part in promoting Malaysian higher education globally and regulating the welfare of international students. The public higher education management is entitled with jurisdiction over public higher education, while the private higher education is in the sector of private higher education management jurisdiction.​​ 

Department of Polytechnic Education

This department was formed following the reorganization of the Polytechnic and Community College Education department in 2009. This department has been tasked with producing adequately skilled, inventive, creative,​​ and​​ well-educated individuals with exemplary reasoning and critical thinking skills. Graduates who portray such qualities are said to have higher chances of getting employed. Polytechnics​​ are an ideal alternative for individuals to pursue further education at either advanced diploma or diploma levels. Malaysian polytechnic education is presently being transformed in order to produce exceptionally skilled individuals.​​ 

Department of Community College Education

The restructuring of the Department of Polytechnic and Community College in 2009 necessitated the birth of the department of community college education. This department is also known as JPKK. The objective of this department is to improve the social and​​ economic standing of Malaysians by making education conveniently accessible. This has been executed by utilization of training programs and a no ending learning approach. JPKK is responsible for provision of vocational training. This training is vital for individuals who do not have the intention of pursuing academic progression. Individuals who opt to follow this path are awarded a certificate after completing the training. This department has played a big role in enhancing student enrollment and​​ improving the quality of skill enhancing​​ programs for vocational trainees.​​ 

Management Sector​​ 

The management sector comprises of various divisions which include, Human resource management, information technology, training development, human development, and finance. This sector has been tasked with handling the corporate image, management responsibilities, and administration in the ministry.​​ 

Development Sector

This sector comprises of various divisions which are: scholarship, international, research, and planning. The development​​ sector has been​​ tasked with​​ preparing​​ five-year physical development strategies and public higher educational,​​ improving​​ community colleges, and Polytechnic institutional facilities. It also regulates finances for development and management of public higher education institutions.

What language is used to teach in Malaysian institutions of higher learning?

The main language used in many Malaysian private institutions of higher learning is English. In public institutions, however, English is used for postgraduate studies only. Students pursuing Bachelor's degree courses are taught in the national language which is Bahasa Melayu.

Who are the providers of higher education in Malaysia?

There are numerous private and public institutions of higher learning in Malaysia. They work together to provide students with numerous study alternatives. Institutions of higher learning provide different programs which enable students to earn diplomas, postgraduate, and certificates, qualifications.​​ 

The providers of higher education in Malaysia are classified into two groups:

Public institutions of higher education are funded by the government. These include polytechnics, community colleges, and public universities. These institutions are further classified into: public colleges that provide diploma and certificate level programs, polytechnics and community colleges which offer diploma and certificate level programs, and public universities which offer postgraduate and bachelor degrees (some public universities offer foundation and diploma level programs).

Private institutions of higher learning include: Private university colleges, private universities, private colleges, and foreign university branch campuses

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Which are some of the universities that provide engineering courses in Malaysia?

Malaysia is popularly known for provision of good quality higher education at reasonable prices. Lately the higher education industry has made major strides aimed at improving the quality of education to fit international standards. Below are some of the best universities offering engineering courses in the​​ country.

Understanding Malaysia

Malaysia is situated in the south western part of​​ the continent of​​ Asia. This country comprises of two parts, Sarawak and Sabah located in Borneo between Singapore and Thailand. Malaysia prides itself in untold beauty and distinctive features which contribute to the uniqueness of Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is the capital of the country whose economy has been thriving for many years now. Students planning to pursue their studies in Malaysia will be excited to know that Malaysia experiences a tropical climate characterized by warm and humid weather all year round. Malaysia has an adequately developed infrastructure which ensures students can commute from their residential areas to campus conveniently. Students should not be worried about accommodation as the country offers a vast range of accommodation​​ options​​ at reasonable prices.​​ 


Malaysia is fast becoming an education hub. This follows the efforts made by the various higher education​​ stake holders​​ to enhance institutions of higher learning, and ensure delivery of good​​ quality education. is a trusted assignment help Malaysia service provider whose objective is to assist students enhance their grades in preparation for their future careers.