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Understanding tertiary education in Australia

Post​​ secondary education is also referred to as tertiary education. In Australia, tertiary education comprises of both private and government institutions. These are regulated by a higher education agency which can be recognized and established under the Australian government, department of education, state, or workplace relations and employment law.

Governance, decision making,​​ and regulation of institutions of higher learning in Australia are a shared responsibility between the state, territory governments, the Australian government, and the institutions. Nevertheless, there are various concepts of higher learning that are the sole responsibility of territories and states. Many universities are recognized and founded under the territories and state legislation. The responsibility of giving accreditation to non-self accrediting providers of higher education lies with the territories and states.​​ 

Higher education funding

Funding of higher education in public institutions is the responsibility of the Australian government. This is clearly indicated in the higher education support act of 2003 which defines the associated legislative and Australian government funding requirements. The Australian government provides higher education funding via the:

  • HELP (Higher Education Loan Program) which provides students with financial assistance

  • Commonwealth grant scheme funds for certain numbers of Commonwealth backed areas annually

  • Grants for certain functions which include learning, quality, teaching research training programs, and research

  • Commonwealth scholarships

The Australian department of education is responsible for the creation and administration of higher education programs and policies, as well as providing for this funding.

Which universities offer engineering courses in Australia?

Universities in Australia are self-accrediting organizations. This means that every university bears its own formation legislation and gets a huge percentage of public funding from the​​ government of Australia via the higher education support act of 2003. Australia hosts some of the best engineering universities which include:

Analyzing tertiary education providers​​ in Australia

Before students decide to undertake tertiary education, they need to understand the tertiary education providers. Tertiary education comprises of both vocational and higher education. In Australia, providers of tertiary education include Vocational education and training, Universities, and institutions of education which have been mandated to enlist and distribute training and education services to international students.​​ 

Certain agencies are tasked with regulating course accreditation and registration on every training and education.​​ TEQSA (Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency), for instance, is responsible for regulating the higher education industry.​​ (ASQA)​​ Australian Skills Quality Authority regulates the vocational education and training industry but this is limited to some states. Besides, each provider who enrolls international students should meet essential conditions before getting registration on Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS)

Providers of higher education may apply to be given the power to self-accredit all or some of their study courses. This application is made to the TEQSA. When an institution is given the self-accrediting power, it has the capacity to self-accredit its courses rather than making accreditation applications to the TEQSA. These institutions will, however, be required to comply with the AQF standards.​​ 

There are other agencies associated with higher education which include:

Major college/university associations

These comprise of:

  • Group of eight

(Go8) Group of Eight is an association between top Universities of Australia in relation to both professional and general education and differentiated by their magnitude of research.​​ 

  • Universities Australia

UA (Universities Australia)​​ was formed in 2007. This body is the pinnacle of university representation in Australia. It represents various universities both internationally and nationally. Members of this agency are​​ the universities which are represented by the Vice chancellor who is also the university's chief executive officer.

  • ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority)

This agency is an independent nationwide regulator for vocational education training institutions in Australia.​​ 

What are some of the student organizations in Australia

University students are fascinated by student organizations. Below is a list of student organizations in Australia

  • CAPA (Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations)

This is a non-profit organization that is based on membership. Its main objective is to promote and protect the needs and interests of the numerous postgraduate students in Australia.

  • NUS (The National Union of Students)

This body represents all undergraduate students in the country. It strives to safeguard the rights of university students in Australia.

  • AFIS (Australian Federation of International Students)

The main objective of this body is to spread awareness to students concerning the various activities which are available as well as enhance their dwelling and study experience in Australia.

  • CISA (Council of International Students Australia)

This is a nationwide body which represents international students undertaking undergraduate, postgraduate, TAFE (Technical and Further Education), English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS), private college, and foundation level.​​ 

History of higher education in Australia

Australia's inaugural universities were formed in four areas which had been under the British colonies. These include the University of Melbourne​​ which​​ was founded in 1853 in Victoria, Adelaide University in 1874 in southern Australia, University of Sydney founded in 1850 in New South Wales, and the University of Tasmania in 1890. The establishment of the Australia​​ Commonwealth in 1901 saw the birth of University​​ of Western Australia in 1911 and university of Queensland in 1909.

Australian National University and Canberra University College were founded in the middle of the two world wars. Several other universities were founded after the war. At the beginning, many of these institutions received no funding to facilitate research,​​ neither did they give post graduate degrees. A huge reform process that took place in 1987 saw the abolishment of the binary divide that existed between Universities and other institutions of higher learning. What followed was a huge program of rationalizations and combinations which lowered the number of institutions of higher learning.​​ 



In the past years, the growth of higher education system in Australia has been followed by funding modification. During and after the World War II, the government of Australia increased its role in funding the public higher education. Later on, it would assume full responsibility for funding education in institutions of higher learning. This saw the abolishment of tuition fees in 1974.​​ 

The government of Australia carried a major transformation of the higher education industry in the 1980s. Some reforms were carried out on various policies with the objective of connecting Australia with the international economy. It was during this time that the government came​​ up​​ with HECS (Higher Education Contribution Scheme) whose objective was to come up with a reasonable program to fund the higher education industry.​​ 

In the late 1980s, Australian universities began charging international students full fees. These institutions had to derive ways in which they could generate supplementary income as well as promote themselves as excellent providers of education.

Current higher education bills that students seeking to study in Australia should know

  • New Colombo Plan

The government of Australia issued "Australia in the Asian Century white paper in 2012 October" This paper gave a roadmap for the Australia government, unions, businesses, and community. The main objective of the new Colombo plan is to safeguard Australia as a thriving and strong country which is not only part of the region but accommodates the international community. In this publication, the main education goals include:

  • Numerous Australian university students will study in international universities. Likewise, a big number of them shall pursue their degrees in Asia.

  • Every Australian student shall have the chance to pursue a continuous study course in an Asian language through out their schooling years

  • Vocational education and training institutions in Australia shall have considerably advanced services in various nations across the region. This will contribute largely to creating a productive workforce and help support Australian employees and businesses have a huge impact in Asian markets.

The new Colombo plan was announced by the government of Australia in 2013. Its main objective is to enhance Indo Pacific knowledge in Australia. This plan is expected to grow the number of Australian students​​ learning in the region by supporting learning and internship chances.

  • Higher Education and Research Reform Amendment Bill 2014

This bill was introduced to Parliament by the education minister in 2014. The bill comprises of growth funding based on demand and the abolishment of fees to students whose higher education qualifications are below Bachelor's degree level. These include advanced diplomas, higher education diplomas, associate degrees, and this also applies to non-university and private university higher education providers.​​ 

Analyzing the higher education system

In Australia, higher education comprises of both non-university and university organizations that give AQF (Australian Qualification Framework) level 5 to 10. Students can choose to pursue these programs either part-time or full-time. Additionally, online and distance learning options are provided for. Students in Australia undergo three different cycles before attaining Bachelor, doctoral, and masters degrees. Additionally, students can also pursue undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications. Many students in Australia enroll in combined or double bachelor degree programs. At the completion of their studies, they are awarded two bachelor degrees.​​ 

Categories of providers of higher education​​ in Australia

Providers of higher education are divided into six categories. These are:

  • Higher Education Provider

  • Australian University College​​ 

  • Australian University of Specialization​​ 

  • Australian University

  • Overseas University

  • Overseas University of Specialization

Higher education admission requirements​​ in Australian higher education institutions​​ that students should know

Bachelor Degree, Advanced Diploma, Diploma,​​ Associate​​ Degree, (QF level: 5-7)

Admission to an undergraduate program depends on the ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank). The ATAR is a number that institutions utilize to pick and rank students to be admitted in tertiary institutions. Institutions can, however, decide to use additional criteria in collaboration with the ATAR. Despite the fact that the ATAR is commonly used for university entry, there are various ways to get university admission. For instance, students can use a bridging program to get university admission. Other ways to get university admission include:

  • A portfolio of work, an interview, a display of interest in the study program​​ 

  • A VET(vocational education and training qualification

  • Attaining the mature age of entry which is 25 years. An entrance examination, work experience, and a display of interest to study shall determine a student's eligibility

Bachelor Honors Degree​​ (AQF level: 8)

Enrolling for a bachelor honors​​ degree depends on academic accomplishment associated with a bachelor’s degree program.​​ 

Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma​​ (AQF level: 8)

Enrollment to this qualification level depends on a bachelor’s degree. However, there are exceptions for people with prior work experience in relation to the field and institution of study.

Master Degree​​ (AQF level: 9)

A bachelor’s degree is the basic entry requirement for a master’s degree level. Completing a graduate diploma and a graduate certificate can give a student​​ the​​ pathway to a master’s degree enrollment.​​ 

Doctoral Degree​​ (AQF level: 10)

A student should have either bachelors or a master’s degree to enroll for a doctoral degree.​​ 

Why should students consider studying in Australia?

Today, many students are choosing Australia as their preferred study location. The number of international students seeking higher education in Australia is fast increasing exponentially. Australia is characterized by a variety of desert and semi arid areas. There are variations in climate too. Different regions experience​​ varying climate changes through out the year. Australia is home to the rare yet famous kangaroo. Tropical rainforests and different species of rare animals and birds are a great attraction to international students. Australia is surrounded by​​ beautiful views of the pacific and Indian oceans. These present students with a perfect opportunity to relax by the beach after a hard day of study.​​ 

Australia provides students with an exceptional educational experience aimed at stimulating critical,​​ inventive,​​ and reasoning skills. Students looking forward to pursuing their studies in Australia should not be worried about tackling complex engineering homework and projects. Various assignment help Australia companies have been launched to assist students handle their homework with ease.​​ In addition, engineering courses are diverse and internationally recognized. Engineering graduates have numerous well paying job opportunities.​​ Below are reasons why students should choose to study in Australia.

  • Quality

Australian institutions of higher learning have embarked on offering vocational education and training. This industry is today recognized as a successful and innovative idea not only here in Australia but all over the world. VET has been found to be ideal in every aspect of training and education. Institutions offering VET courses deliver​​ both career and practical oriented training to ensure graduates are confident of their capabilities and skills. Many employers have lauded this program following the exemplary prowess that the employees who have pursued this program​​ demonstrate in the work place.

  • Invention

Australia is famous for its fast adaptation of technology. In addition, it is among the countries where high levels of internet access have been experienced. Students studying in Australia shall be exposed to some of the best training, research, and teaching facilities such as lecture rooms, libraries, laboratories, and advanced technology.

  • Recognition of qualifications

Various employers and institutions of higher learning world over recognize Australian qualifications. Most of the Australian higher education courses are covered by the AQF (Australian Qualification Framework), a learning system which the government of Australia authorizes.​​ 

  • Quality assurances

The nation wide quality assurance system in Australia is exclusive in rigor and structure. It gives international students financial protection and excellent service. Australia's dedication to providing quality education to both international and national students is exceptional. The AQTF (Australian Quality Training Framework) enhances the quality assurance procedures in education. Australia offers international students protection through ESOS.​​ 

  • Universal society

Australia is made up of a cordial, universal, and safe society. The diversity and finesse that international students add to institutions of higher learning is valued and​​ appreciated by Australians. The Australian community plays a big role in welcoming international students and helping them adjust to living in a foreign country. Generally, Australia is a safe country to live, study, and work in with low crime rates.​​ 

  • Cost of living

The cost of living in Australia is more reasonable as compared to other countries. Students are likely to get value for their money.

  • Job opportunities

Engineering courses are embraced worldwide. Additionally, engineering graduates have an advantage when it comes to landing jobs. There are numerous job opportunities in Australia for engineering graduates. What's more, individuals in the engineering​​ indujstry​​ are well-paid world over. Obtaining a work permit in Australia is also an easy task.

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